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  1. After watching last nights game I've come to a few conclusions...

    1.) The Spurs' guards are terrible shooters...
    2.) None of the Nets can shoot...

    This is by far the worst finals series I've ever seen. AND THE SERIES IS 2-2!!!

    Can anything save the NBA from itself? It seems like they want to control the series and make it go seven games no matter what. It could be the teams in the finals, it could be that ABC's primetime ratings are terrible, or it could be some perversion of David Stern's power... either way, I just can't watch and I've lost interest in the product.
  2. Agree.

    As Bill Walton would say, "H O R R R R R R I B L E!"
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    Also agree. The worst that I can remember. Neither team seems particularly hungry, neither team has anything approaching the killer instinct. I don't think the Nets have scored above 85 in any of the four games, pathetic (especially for a so-called fast-break team). Borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring.... :(
  4. Remember the finals between the Lakers and Celtics in the 80's? There was greatness on display in each and every game.

    Now, there is no greatness, no excellence, just poor fundamentals and a lack of passion.
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    Absolutely. Now that was what basketball at it's best is all about. Fight with every ounce of strength and resourcefulness you have. Never say die even in the final seconds. Find a way to win. Leave it all on the floor, and I mean ALL. Those were warriors in the finest tradition. Some of the Chicago - Utah finals games were also like that.
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  7. I'd say what you have here is the thing that has been feared for a long time for the NBA. The mediocrity is showing. This season has risen to the highest level of average. This time they made it through at every level that there is.

    In the past, quality performers found a way to get to the dance. When you got to the final two teams, you really were looking at quality players. Two teams that had one or two holes that the opposition tried to expose and exploit. In this playoff, we are hoping that these teams have one or two holes that are consistently working!

    Twenty to thirty turnovers in a professional finals? These are the best of the best? We've all watched this farce. Those turnovers have nothing to do with outstanding defense/offense by either side. It's no wonder that the league is looking to high schoolers for some real possibilities.

    It is amazing how many of these clowns don't even have their own "bread & butter" moves. Those two or three things that they can do where they will either make the shot or be fouled, and the opposition knows it. When the 24 second clock gets down to 15 seconds, most of these guys know that the ball can't be in their hands nor will it be purposfully coming back for them to shoot it. The game, has become, a joke! :)
  8. There was only ONE play that impressed me last night.

    Kenyon Martin got a rebound towards the end of the game, outsprinted every other player to the other end (passing by a few on the way), and missed a layup.

    They did make the put-back, but the point is that it showed EFFORT.
  9. I think that it's pretty obvious...

    Back in the 80's you had a deep talent pool, fewer teams, free flowing refereeing, and different rules that promoted a fast moving game.

    Now, with each team possessing only 1 or 2 truly great players, there are more clearouts, post-ups, drive-and-kick plays, and fouls. There are less fundamentals taught which leads to crapier defensive strategies (hack a Shaq/Bowen), and everybody wants to make the basket and thinks they can (thus lower shooting percentages).

    Let's face it... Kidd can't shoot (except free throws), Wallace can't score (even when he's under the basket), and hyped up players like Jermaine Oneal, Ricky Davis, and Kenyon Martin wouldn't play more than 15 minutes a game on the 80's Laker teams (oh the thinning of the talent pool has become noticeable Mr. Stern).

    In addition, consider that it's blatantly obvious that the referees are keeping games close for ratings (was Martin really fouled after the third block last night? Duncan was fouled 5 non-called times in the fourth last night but NJ had to win to make it 2-2. Has anyone else noticed that coaches can't coach tendencies anymore? That's because they change along with the score.), and what the NBA really needs is less teams and a developmental league like baseball's minor leagues (not this crappy NBDL).

    The ratings are down for a reason... David Stern.
  10. I totally agree with the above comments. The officiating reminds me of the WWE. They look like ref's but they are just orchestrating a predetermined outcome.

    Tim Duncan should have shot about 35 foul shots last night. Kenyon Martin is an wonderful athlete but he is also a thug. He should have fouled out in the first half. What I don't understand is that the NBA normally is based on giving big stars special treatment by the ref's. Witness what Shaq gets away with. Duncan is the best player in the league yet is getting shafted every game.

    There have been numerous phantom fouls called on Duncan as well. He tends to lean away from someone driving the lane, so the Nets guards jump into him and the ref's call the foul on Duncan. Unreal. I think it has just gotten so blatant that even the TV guys have to comment on it. I honestly think they were embarrassed by it last night. Anyway, this is like Monday night football. No reason to stay up and watch the second half to the wee hours. Who cares?
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