NBA Fever??????????????

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ElCubano, Mar 25, 2004.

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    The HEAT is on baby.....Man we are looking good. WADE is on fuego and the team seems to be meshing together in perfect harmony to become a force defensively and offensively...Thank you Riley for getting out of dodge ( in a way )....Who's your team??? come out come out playboys lets talk shop....
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    What a game...thats all I can say.....


    NBA FEVER ???????????????????

    I thought they folded up years ago. People still watch that league?
  4. Oye Cubano,

    Gotta give the Heat props. Muy, muy caliente! I've always loved Eddie Jones and I really, really like Wade's game. Odom is starting to play up to his potential (which is scary), and there's a feel good story with Rafer Alston coming from the And1 hoops team and making it to the bigs. Miami is the team in the East noone is going to want to play.

    Out West, I'm lovin' the Grizzlies. Hubie Brown and Jerry West should be coach and exec of the year for what they've done over there. I still can't believe what Brown has done for Jason Williams, who I couldn't stand just a couple of seasons ago for being all flash, selfish, and a liability on the defensive end.

    I'd like to see Denver make it into the playoffs (Early Boykins, baby!), and the Cavs too. Could care less about the Pistons, mostly because they picked up that idiot Rasheed Wallace, and I'd like to see Minnesota get out of the 1st round. Indiana too. I'd like to see Reggie get his ring. Spurs are boring, but they'll probably do pretty well. I don't see them making it to the Finals this year, though.

    Most of all, I just want the Lakers to lose. Can't stand 'em!
  5. We will be forever grateful.

    Blazer fan :p
  6. LOL! I'll bet you will be! Now if you guys could only dump Ruben Patterson and Stoudamire....:D
  7. Anyone else catch LBJ's game tonight? The last couple of minutes of the Cavs-Nets game was just incredible....

    Did anyone think he was going to be as good as he already is?!? Just imagine this guy a few years from now! MJ, Kobe, KG, NOBODY was as good at his age as he is now. He's a first.
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    Lets give some Stan "the man" Van Gundy....He is definitely a heavy fav to Win coach of the year....these guys started off the season looking ugly (0-7) they are loooooooking sweeeeeeet....keep them fingers crossed...we play Idiana today which will be a tough game...peace
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    This seems easier to overcome than what our brothers the Marlins did....cmon feel that magic in the air...what a nail biter...Dwayne Wade once again comes thru like a veteran only problem is he is a ROOKIE....yeah bad king james and all his hype will win him the trophy..
  10. All I know is that I'm rooting for whoever is playin the Lakers!!
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