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    As the playoffs get on their way we see people step up and floooozies step down...Lebron at least in last nights game was a huge disappointment to say the least. He needs to step up to the plate and hit his shots. When Gooden steps up you best belive James needs to follow. IM not taking anything away from Arenas...that guy is a workhorse

    Haslem and Morning are in desperate need for the HEAT to advance. We cant keep a lead for the life of us..Not saying that the baby bulls aren't a good team, but for crying out loud we need to spank their ass with authority in order to get some spect from Detroit.

    Artest proves to be a a good gamble for the Malooof boys til recently getting suspended at such a critical time. He would have made the difference last night.

    And lets not forget the new sherrif in tinsle town....LAC

    Triple AAAA and ZZZzzzz what say u?
  2. Have to be impressed with the way the Wizards turned around a 15 point first quarter deficit. It'll be interesting to see how LeBron bounces back. The guy looks like he's about 30, doesn't he? Hard to believe he's so young.

    I haven't seen Heat/Chicago games. Classic old team, young team duel. Ultimately, I can't see the Bulls having the manpower to stop the Heat, at least not this year.

    I find the Lakers/Suns interesting. Great team versus great player.

    I didn't see the elbow that got Artest suspended, but I'm glad the league is sending a message on dirty play. There is a thin line between a hard foul and trying to hurt someone, but the players know where it is.

    Anyway, it's hard to maintain too much interest when the playoffs go on for half the length of the baseball season.

    ps. El Cubano, what's the deal with that prosecutor on the Sean Taylor case? Dude was also a DJ and was using the case on his website? That's not right.
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    He was promoting his DJ career.....

    Talking football...we lost Ricky.. what a joke...this Bumm is done..
  4. Too bad about Ricky. He could still come back after another year off. He's not all that old , is he?
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    Its just to much risk.... he may want to go to bali and spark it up mid season... :D
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    My My how things change over the course of a couple of games. My Miami Heat will go on to win the Eastern Conference final..Yes thats right boys Ive made these kinds of predictions in the past... JUST ask Nitro....:D
  7. Sorry mate, look for a Dallas Detroit final.

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    Lebron will see to it that Rashid eat his words...And the Dynamic Duo will see to it that YOU amigo eat your words... or at least half your words..I agree with the Dallas part...
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    As the playoffs started, I bet on Miami to win the NBA East at 6-1 odds. I was motivated by price. Detroit is obviously the team to beat.

    The bullish skinny on the Heat is clear though. Against most any team in the league the Heat has the two of the best players on the floor. I felt going into the playoffs that Antoine Walker was the key. Could he contribute offensively without disrupting the Heat's flow. So far, so good.
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