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  1. People still talk about Nazis? In this day and age?
    Some of us are hopelessly living in the past.
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    There's more Neo-Nazis than you think.
    And most of them believe the Holocaust was an American fabrication.
  3. You just scored a 7.5 on the dumb-ass meter. There's a reason why it's important not to forget, can you guess what it is?

    Say for instance myself and several of my wealthy comrades feel that short-sighted little dumb-fucks such as yourself no longer deserve to be free. More to the point, you and your lazy type are a threat to the good of the people and are largely responsible for the hardships that have and will befall everyone. What does that say about your future?

    You'll be amazed at how quickly things can build momentum.
  4. The Holocaust did happen, but there were far, far worse mass genocides by many other leaders who weren't demonized by us, and in fact, we were even allies with some of them. Stalin made Hitler look like Little Lord Fauntleroy.

    I would suggest googling this, or if not, I can give you some rough numbers of how many murders some of these people were responsible for.

    Sorry, but the Holocaust was not the worst genocide we've seen, not by a long shot...though we all conveniently act as if it were. There is a lot of excessive hype and yellow journalism behind it.

    The Holocaust was a tragedy, and I am not downplaying it, but it is fucked up to ignore all the other genocides that were even worse, and act as if they were no big deal, or never even happened. Just another example of you being told what to think by your friendly Gummint and Edumacation systems.
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    Yes, I know that Stalin topped Hitler, and that there have been worse, but to find out that some ppl think "the Holocaust is just a big, fat lie made up by Americans" is shocking and alarming, at least for me. We cannot forget any of those facts.
  7. Like I should have expected, major knee-jerk reaction from the past dwellers.
    I didn't say anything about the Holocaust. It just seems that the more people talk about Nazis, the more they inadvertently glorify them, which is probably what the dozen-or-so modern day 'neo-nazis' want.
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  9. The Nazis were thugs who took over a government aided and abetted by a desperate population at the time

    Khomeini and his crowd were little different

    The Taliban and their crowd were strikingly similar (free tickets to the the chops-the-hands-off-shoplifters show show in the soccer stadium every Sunday afternoon

    The abiding message here is --- the people let it happen out of desperation

    Stalin was a murderous freak - but of a different ilk. It is estimated that the red revolution in 1917 was accomplished by a core group of people that never numbered more than 2000 fanatics! They succeeded because the existing government was so utterly corrupt and useless they probably could have been overthrown by a high school soccer team
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