Nazi Theme nightclub/lounge?

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  1. What do you think of such an idea. I bet it would make money.

    Opening up a Nazi Themed nightclub, with all the trimmings, Red Flags hanging down, Waiters and Waitresses dressed as SS with regalia. Call the place club treblinka.

    I bet it could attract a profitable niche market. And all the free media publicity will guarantee you will get business.
  2. i think it's despicable and extremely shallow and insensitive.

    do understand what "Nazi" stands for?
  3. I agree it is horrible but I bet there is money to be made opening up such a place.
  4. Only if it's housed in a firetrap with one narrow exit.
  5. Reminds me of the time a friend of mine built a putt putt golf course. I told him that he should install a confederate flag and number for each corresponding hole. He didn't do it. :D
  6. it's a terrible idea
  7. Would you locate it next to a synagogue or an Israeli consulate office? :confused: :(
  8. utube: this one worked.
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    Life is a cabaret!
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  9. Well Muslims are building a 13 floor victory tower right in front of the Twin Towers collapse celebrating 9/11. So maybe that lounge could go right next to it.

    If Muslims can do it why not the NEONAZIs?

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  10. This idea reminds me of the classic movie The Producers starring Zero Mostel. He and anothe guy were trying to finance a Broadway Play and they ended up selling >100% of it, leaving them in a serious bind. They hit on the idea of producing a play so bad, it would close opening night. They called it "Springtime for Hitler" and it was kind of like this nightclub idea. Unfortunatley for them, the play was a smash hit, leading to more problems.
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