Nazi Survivor: Keep your guns, Buy more guns.

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    Katie Worthman was born in Austria, and lived there for seven years under Hitlers brutal regime, and after world war II, she also lived three years under Soviet communist occupation. Needless to say, but Mrs. Worthman is someone who has an acute awareness of how media distorts things and tyranny comes to power. Mrs. Worthman, not only says that the media was wrong about how Hitler came to power, but she says that "In the beginning, Hitler didn't look like, or talk like a monster at all. He talked like an American politician."

    She says that the story of Hitler overthrowing governments and people in order to come to power just simply isn't true, but rather the Austrian people elected Hitler with 98% of the vote at the ballot box. Mrs. Worthman then goes on to say that the Austrian people had guns, but the government began to say that they were dangerous, so they began to implement gun registration. Then she said this was followed by turning in their weapons to the police station in order to cut down on crime, and if citizens didn't... there would be capital punishment.

    Mrs. Worthman says that the dictatorship, "didn't happen over night, but it took 5 years, gradually, little by little, to escalate to a dictatorship."

    She then goes on to say that, "When the people fear the government, that's tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that's liberty."

    As a Nazi survivor, what is her advice to us... "Keep your guns, keep your guns and buy more guns."
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    And she is absolutely God damn right. History proves this out repeatedly.

    Those arguing that in these modern times tyranny is no longer to be feared seem to be assuming human nature has somehow miraculously changed. It has not.
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    Thanks to her for pointing these things out! We have a Nazi occupying the White House, and no question, history is repeating itself. This time, however, it's happening on American soil vs Europe.
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    Never give up your guns. It's a guaranteed right spelled out plainly in the Constitution.
  5. She looks a little young but factually correct.
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    She would be in her late 70's.
  7. One of my neighbors came to the US from Poland after WWII. He was 12 years old when he watched the Nazi's march into Warsaw and slaughter people, including one of his best friends. He said the German soldiers shot his friend in the street in front of the boy's parents, then shot the parents.

    My elderly neighbor is such a mild-mannered gentleman, I was surprised to learn that he has a half-dozen guns. He told me he'll never give up his guns because "it's better to die fighting than to live as a slave."
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    You go tell your neighbor that a prior US Marine Officer thinks he should be wearing a medal for the attitude he has! WOW!!! What it must have been like to have seen what his eyes have seen...:(

    To further that, tell your neighbor, I might be found dead trying to protect my Son when all hell breaks loose. But I FUCKING PROMISE I won't be found dead over lack of shooting back! Ooh rah!!!!!!!!!!
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    Just looking through the numbers, the civilian ownership # of guns was 270M. THAT WAS IN 2007, HOWEVER! Can you imagine what that # is now after a true Communist was elected to the most powerful office on the globe?:eek:

    Gumbent AND Law Enforcement have a little over 4M guns?

    Is there any wonder why a dictatorship wouldn't want to dry up the ammunition market by buying up damn near ALL the ammo when they KNOW they're out guned by these numbers?

    Without ammunition, guns would be boat anchors... If I were in this tyrannical government, I'd recommend doing exactly what they're doing: buying up all the ammunition so they can stave off a revolt by REAL Americans wanting to restore the Constitution, and wanting THEIR Country back. Can't call the DemoNazis stupid by any means. They have an agenda, and they know what it takes (from looking at history), to get it done.:mad:
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