Naz vs. NYSE

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  1. The Boys of the Venerable Hardwood (NYSE) have made it a tough game of late; getting fills is a trick (comparatively) and spreads are very erratic to wide these past few sessions.

    Just wondering if NAZ has been as tricky lately.
  2. Almost always get better fills over the years from NYSE.

    Almost always get better profits over the years from NasdaQQQ,even with more slippage,losses than NYSE . I Like the mental culture shock between the two.:cool:

    Good fills are important some with 30 minute to days holding time approximalely. Not scalping mostly;have been known to renter again for 15-25 cents when I got out too early on a trend day, NYSE or NasdaQQQ.

    Didn't get many fills of any kind in July;not much set up.


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  3. I have noticed the poop fills on NYSE over the last 2 or 3 weeks. I almost never use market orders and last week I have been shown again why I don't. To compensate I have started to bid and offer in more when the momentum looks like it is stopping or at a support level instead of being aggressive and taking the offer or bid. I will take a little heat getting in but at least you know you will be getting filled. But when I first go in I only get in a portion of the total amount I want in case I picked the wrong point. I will add the other shares if the trade and market start turning around for me. So hopefully I am having less shares on my losing trades when I am wrong and more shares on winning trades. I am using the momentum pops to get in an out of my trades so I know there is liquidity there.

    Nasdaq fills have seemed same as usually but I see a lot of stocks trading kind of odd now. They seemed to be kept in real tight ranges by the use of ecns. The AMEX has pulled a number on some of the stocks too. Kind of like the way NTRD and ATTN kill the momentum.
  4. After reading a few posts about people complaining about Nasdaq and turning to Nyse I said may be they are right and I should give it a try.. results = 3 trades and 3 losses.. the problem is that I placed a stop loss that was not that far and I was eexecuted at the bottom of the day much lower than my actual stop before watching the stock sky rocketing ..

    Conclusion : May be Nyse is good but not for me... Nasdaq is by far the best market and the market I feel the most good...

    I like being in control and in Nasdaq this is the case you know the bids and the ask and the spreads are not large like on listed stocks...

    Hope this will help
  5. ChasinFla;

    Have got some good fills in NYSE gold stocks,last week this week.

    Might help for the low number of trades- NasdaQQQ, NYSE in July for me.


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  6. Sounds like you guys are trading nasdaq via E*Trade or Schwab with all the talk about better "fills" -- if you're always reaching over the spread and paying at the ask, you are definitely paying up compared to a specialist.

    A good fill is all relative, and many times if one gets an extremely generous price it means you probably don't want it there :D
  7. Yesterday's NYSE action struck me as either institutional buying or specialist/floor short covering (or buying) was just too measured, the floor was way in control of the orders.
  8. Asset allocation yesterday? Felt like 10-yr yield tracked es tick for tick.
  9. Maybe... but the volume was so low I took a half-hour nap and didn't miss a print.