Naz manipulation strategies

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  1. OK, this is my contribution to what I think should be fair and orderly markets.

    I am NOT a nasdaq level 2 expert, but I do get annoyed very easily when I see outright manipulation in my stocks, so what I'd like to do is put up some of my observations here (right or wrong, and I invite criticism of them) so we can (hopefully) trade against MM's and hedge funds playing games while they try to accumumlate or sell stock.

    One thing I will NOT do is mention the tickers of my stocks, frankly because I don't want more traders in them...

    Like I said, I'm not level 2 expert, and I do not use it to trade off of, but rather to gauge depth of the market. Most of my intra-day trading is NYSE, but I do take positions in the naz at all times. Maybe this will also translate into NYSE techniques, but I am not willing to discuss NYSE tape reading here or anywhere else on ET.

    My main purpose of this is to make life more difficult for hedge funds and market makers who use techniques that I consider to be troublesome and annoying for me.

  2. hehe...

    so we meet again.

    i took it out, b/c i'm wondering if it's too much free info...

    i posted it b/c i was annoyed, but then i realized knowing what was going on was an edge...

    sure, i want the markets to be fairer, but at the same time, do i want to give info to yutzes like phildo mccracken...??

    the horns of the dilemma...
  3. u130747


    i put in 100 share bids and asks sometimes. Are you referring to me.

  4. So i guess you get us naz traders salivating for some useful information and then leave us hanging. thanx. anyway, since no one is contributing, i hope to be the first too stimulate further contributions.

    here are a few things that might help. they might me noobish as my name refers too:

    -whenever goldamn comes high and comes high again 5 cents, the more he is really getting short. this goes the same for when goldman comes low 5 cents and comes low again to make it look like he is selling. he is really buying(you figure out how).

    -often, a certain mm, will have a position, and guide it in the direction they want it to go by being on the opposite side of their position ( if mm is already short, he guides the stock down using their mm name on the bid for 100 or 1000 shares)

    *hope this helps some people. this knowledge will not make you a better trader but give a better understanding. each mm has their own style. figure it out and post it. you dont have to post the names of the certain mms. just their stupid little games. hope this helps.

  5. ok, nwbprop, i'll bite...:D

    as for the above post you made, i see SCHB doing this all the time...

    i'd originally posted (and ended up snipping it out) about how some guy trading over BTRD was showing a large offer at a recent resistance level, and moving it down while he was buying stock. this offer was for 20k shares in a less liquid nas stock (1-2mil/day) and he always made sure it was showing on level2. this 20k offer was at least .05 above the inside offer. when the stock came down to support, he took the size away, as he was probably done buying stock...
  6. another sneaky thing they do is use crowd psychology. THe market makers know that traders shy away from their market maker name(psychologically, traders like to be on the same side of whatever side the market maker is on) so they will maybe show a thousand or 100 shares and have a boom on the other side of the market to get long or short a stock. this might be a little confusing.

  7. lately, i'm seeing these guys post size constantly while *somebody* magically supports the other side of the market...they are even posting size on both sides of the market in these situations...i can't tell who's on the other side, MAYBE MWSE (chi X), but i can't tell....