Navy Seal Throws Himself on Grenade In Iraq: Posthumonously Awarded Medal of Honor

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  1. Whether you agree with the Iraq War in concept, execution, or otherwise, or not (I don't for a wide variety of reasons, but support the Afghanistan policy), what does it say about the United States that an American of Arab Ancestry completes the SEAL program, wins a Silver Star for dragging a comrade to safety under heavy fire in the battle of Ramadi, and then throws himself, intentionally, on a grenade, knowing he will die, to save the lives of his fellow SEALs?

    I just read this story, and it moved me. This story should unite all of us who are Americans regardless of our political biases.

    Comments please.
  2. Navy SEAL SO2 Mike Monsoor, SEAL Team 3, will be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Hoo-Yah Mikey. It will be presented to his parents in a White House ceremony April 8. The following day there will be a Hall of Heroes Dedication followed by a Navy Memorial Dedication. Mikey died in Sept. 2006 in Ramadi, Iraq after throwing himself on top of a grenade saving the lives of his comrades. The grenade hit him in the chest when it was thrown into their location. He had 2 options. Where they where hiding had one open area. Mikey was closest to it. He was the only one that could have jumped out of the hideout in time enough to save his own life and the others would have died. Or he could do what he did. Without hesitation, fully aware of his options and the consequences he covered the grenade with his body to take the brunt of the explosion. 2 of the others were wounded but alive and 1 other was unharmed thanks to Mikey. Mikey was also awarded the Silver Star and Bronze Star with “V” for separate actions in Iraq – one was for pulling an injured man to safety after he had been shot. Just a testament to how selfless he was. Very deserving recipient.

  3. Yes, very sad.

    Why can't Bush or Cheney or Rice or Rumsfeld throw themselves on grenades?....or better still, all Republican lawmakers who supported the war?
  4. I agree, that is very heroic. It's too bad he was put in a situation were he had to do it.

    I have to ask, how is this different from someone who lacks WMD but wishes to save his country from the occupiers, so he straps on a suicide bomb?

    You see, we are not so different from anyone else. This marine is being "martyred' by is colleagues, perhaps he went to "heaven" - no virgins but it's supposed to be some kind of "paradise", no?.

    I heard a saying, War is a Rich Man's Terrorism; Terrorism is a Poor Man's war.

    Either way I BELIEVE that all lives are EQUAL. I made this post to try and snap us ot of our stupor of "us vs. them".

    Let say that one more time: I BELIEVE that all lives are EQUAL.

    There is not us vs them, we call cry, we all bleed, we all laugh. Every life lost is a shame.
  5. toronto,

    you can't say that on this board. no one wants to hear the truth or anything that is not patriotic to the lies of the bush administration. as bill clinton told some truthers......

    "How Dare Youuuuuuuuu" (and they mean that very seriously)

    you will nutballs like Gord go crazy on you... just do what i did.. use the ignore feature and he goes bye bye. works great! chickenhawk filth like him hate being ignored.
  6. "The only easy day was yesterday"

    I worked with SEALs. And everything you read and hear about the men that wear the trident device is grossly understated.

    Thats a hero.
  7. Incredible story of heroism and sacrifice. RIP Mike.
  8. RIP
  9. Same here. Team 8 H Plt trained my boarding and seizure team. Most professional and underrated guys I've ever met, even with all the legends about them out there.


    That's why America is what it is- selfless heroes like him. It's not about the fucking economy.

  10. First of all, a Seal jumping on a grenede is trying to prevent those nearest to him dying from an immediate threat.

    A suicide bomber is purposely trying to kill random innocent bystanders, civilians, as well as perhaps some soldiers who happen to be near by.

    How is a suicide bomber exploding themselves in a crowded market killing fellow Iraqis who are just shopping for food saving his country from occupiers.

    You cannot tell me that the two are the same.
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