Navy SEAL book excerpts claim bin Laden was unarmed

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bob111, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Bob111


    yet he was killed.likely by the order from our 'democratic' commander in chief,who collected nobel prize for 'peace' not so long ago..
    this whole thing stinks..but what stinks even more -it's a comments below this article..'he kills 3000 of our unarmed people! kill him too!' people are no better than those islamic extremists or romans,at their gladiator fights..specially folks in DC,who was watching it in real time..what a fucked up society we are living in...
    hey..i'm no fan of osama,but i believe that there is should be a trial first..any fucking trial..but yeah...guy probably know too much and can speak the truth,no one wants to know..sad sad much for 'pro people' democratic country,who claiming to be a leader for 'free world'
  2. Brass


    Are you sure?
  3. No matter where the trial, incarceration, Osama would just be a shit magnet and besides if Osama bin Laden could hear the sick jokes being told about him, he would be turning over in his wave!
  4. Bob111


    i'm pretty pretty sure..cause this fuck cost me some money..i was long up to my eye balls around 9/11