Navellier Sees Stocks `At Least 30% Higher' in a Year

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by aresky, Oct 14, 2008.

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    What would you expect people to say who make a living prospecting for equity money?

    If any money manager ever tells their clients or prospects that the asset class that they manage money in will be "dead money" for x period of time, then they might as well close their business.
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  4. he always says his stocks will be 30-50% higher in a year no matter what level we are at. he is a shameless hypster. here are some of his funds:

    NFMAX) YTD Performance as of 10/16/2008 -50.44%

    NPMCX)Performance as of 10/16/2008 -39.29%

    NPMDX)Performance as of 10/16/2008 -47.21%
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    A few up days and everyone thinks Investor Confidence is back. I feel sorry for anyone who thinks this. Anyone falling for this market rally should think twice, yes the market could rally to 10k or even 11k but the long term outlook on this market is sideways to down, sell the rallies, thats what you do in bear market, dont be foolish and fall for these gains, the markets have no catalyst now, the next bull market is years away.
  7. Its true the market may eventually head way lower from here, Ive been super bearish for years.

    However, the vol is so high right now that snap back rally could go a lot further than most people think.

    I think the Porsche debacle is a very good reminder how much leverage there still is outhere and the potential to make things very messy