NAV Data on Gold Stocks

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by bcavender, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Can anyone suggest a source where I can get net asset values on gold stocks?

  2. what do you mean?

    p/e , p/s , reserves ?
  3. Net Asset Value is the baseline measure of the shareholder's aggregate wealth in the company which is generally thought of as the actual liquidation value of the company paid by others familiar with that kind of assets (less all its liabilities). I'm not talking about the value of outstanding shares times the market price.

    Gold miner's/producers/royalty holders have been getting creamed over the last week or so and despite several trys almost all of them are unable break out of their downward sloping channels.

    Several experts I have been reading are targeting $360 as a support for the metal. I would like to get the NAV for these golds to build a play at -30% to NAV because I think (as usual) the selling will be overdone. I know most traders eschew knowing anything about the value side, but I have access to REIT NAVs and it was a big help in increasing the probability of a good entry the first time.

    Good Luck!!