Naturalists need to explore Cuba fast, before the capitalist vultures get there.

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Will Capitalism destroy the natural habitat in Cuba?

  1. Yes, but people will at least be able to eat.

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  2. No. We have learned how to be responsible capitalists.

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  3. I don't know.

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  4. Who cares? Cuba is a freaking spec on the map.

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  1. nitro


    NATURE: Cuba: The Accidental Eden DVD

    "For decades, Cuba's wild landscapes lay untouched while its neighbors destroyed their ecological riches. Now, Cuba's priceless treasures are about to face an onslaught. Tourism is already on the rise and most experts predict tourism will double once the US trade embargo ends. What will happen to Cuba's stunning biodiversity - an island filled with amphibians, reptiles and the most biologically diverse freshwater fish in the region?"

    If Darwin were alive today, this may be his Galapagos...
  2. If only capitalism didn't exist....think of how great the world would be! Global warming? Damn capitalists! Financial crisis? Damn capitalists! Got the flu last winter? Damn capitalists fault, that's for sure!
  3. Yeah, the commies did such a wonderful job protecting the environment in E. Europe and China.

    Spare me. Was this from a Michael Moore joke-u-mentary?
  4. :D
  5. What about all of those 1950's automobiles, vacuum tube radios, pot belly stoves, dirt paved roads, party line telephones, direct current power lines et al. :confused: :(
  6. Depends on whether the government and society protect nature or not.

    The strongest environmental protection laws are in capitalist societies like the USA, Scandinavia etc. Not communist societies like N Korea, Cuba, 1960s China or 1980s USSR. The richer a population, the more pressure for development, but also the more wealthy tree-huggers and sport-hunters, both of whom prefer to preserve stretches of wilderness from over-development.
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    No, I think Cuba will know how to preserve what is important to study and learn from.
  8. loza

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    Children, crow all you want but read this first.....
    The only place where true capitalism exist in the word is Switzerland, everywhere else it is an<b> ugly, dying, aberration of a corporate clu$terfuck! </b>
    The US is leading on this unfortunately. and do not tell me that china is like Switzerland, it is a NOT.
    And yes this dying, ugly dinosaur is the main cause of the world's ills today. I am not taking away from the crimes of the totalitarian regimes of the world but make no mistake
    <b>we have neither democracy nor capitalism today. </b>
  9. Respectfully the author of this post has no knowledge of Cuba.

    I was born and lived for 16 yrs in Cuba.

    There is nothing more destructive to nature than a communist system.

    At least with capitalism you sacrifice some nature to get some goods.

    In communism you have pollution, deforestation and deindustrialization all at the same time.
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