Natural gas

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    With this warmer weather, what kind of action for tommorrow? Test $11.00?
  2. mizer


    Looks like it might test 11.00
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    Continue selloff to test the $10.00 level tommorrow?
  5. Great post.
  6. According to Spandex Rob and his friends at Goldman Natural Gas earth will run out of Natural gas by Jan 06 and you will only be warm at night if you sleep next to a GOAT.
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    Don't highjack my thread you 100 share lot penny scalping WMT trading TROLL :D
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    By the way should'nt you be mowing lawns or what ever it is you PEOPLE do:D
  9. tomcole


    If he mowed lawns, he'd be trading Gasoline, not nat gas.:D
  10. Ebo


    I have my lawn mower fired up for the 10:30AM EIA NAT GAS inventories number.

    "Supplies probably fell by 159 billion cubic feet, the median estimate of 21 analysts in a Bloomberg survey. Options contracts tied to the report settled on a drop of 165 billion cubic feet during a one-hour trading session yesterday. The options are offered by Nymex and broker ICAP Plc.

    Supplies during the week fell on average by 131 billion cubic feet over the previous five years, and 171 billion last year, according to the Energy Department."

    Source: Bloomberg
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