Natural Gas

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  1. POSK


    Whoa .. what caused the spike today?
  2. tomcole


    More buyers than sellers, throw in an illiquid market and voila!!
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  3. md2952


    always the same amount of buyers and sellers. Buyers were more aggresive.
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  4. Silly hurricane.... causing all this commotion in those illiquid energy stocks.

    Anyone catch that move on NGAS last two days:D :D ?
  5. If this keeps up I am going to build a terminal for LNG at Hudson's Bay Port and build a pipeline heading to major markets.
  6. POSK


    I went long on NGAS @ 8 .. Im gonna let it ride.

    Long on FNGC as well.
  7. plugger


    What are some of the natural gas companies that traders (investors) are looking at currently? If you could also list their production breakdown (ie, how much production is weighted in gas), that would be great. Some on my list are:

    Atlas Energy, AED, TSX
    Signal Energy, SGI, TSX
    TwoCo, TWO, TSX Venture
    Find Energy, FE, TSX
  8. plugger


    Sorry, forgot the breakdown:

    AED 70% natural gas
    FE 66%
    SGI 75%
    TWO 100%
  9. POSK

    POSK is a good resource

    XEC, ECA, CPK, PXD .. are majority natural gas plays.

    also there are trusts like SJT
  10. Technical wise , you are right.LOL. But i have used the words''buy volume'' , on weekly charts, when price finishes up green for week. I hate the way the WSJ puts $160 blue line oil charts equal to[level with] $6 blue line nat gas on thier charts.LOL; but that may sell papers
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