Natural Gas

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  2. dude ... nat gas is like the world series of poker

    only for those willing to risk it all in one hand

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    Can anybody advise why the big move up today after flat yesterday - have some figures been released or something ?

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    Only trade qm & qg - it stakes a while to get used to the gaps, the wide spreads and the endless head fakes.

    For QG, imagine trading bonds, if there were 3-5 tick spreads, routinely, sometimes 10-15. If dealers threw in huge size they had no attention of being hit on, and pulled it if they started getting hit. And volume of 5-10 lots got noticed on the price ladder. This afternoon it just got run down 20 ticks, then reversed back up 22. - after being up 75 ticks on the day!

    All that aside, its a vibrant market!
  6. They are going to run this thing up good. This will have to be a weak Xmas. I think the high end will be fine but people making fewer than 60k with families don’t shop there anyway. The gas for the car and home will break them good. I don’t think the tax breaks will make up for the gas cost along.
  7. Potential tropical depression in Caribbean, HHub shut in, Oct contract expiration, 78.5% of gulf natgas still shut in as of yesterday...that's all i got
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    The media doesnt want to tell people to go look at their electricity bills - in MA, the PUC got a request for a 25% electricity increase due to costs from some utility.

    Maybe being long some utilities isnt a bad idea.
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    EIA weekly report due out at the bottom of the hour.
    Is $15 next?
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