natural gas

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by bestfriend, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. I see it up about 20%. Any sellers?
  2. Geez...I'm thinking, perhaps we can figure out a way to capture animal farts....or maybe require everyone to eat beans
  3. :D
  4. Does anyone know if natural gas trapped in my living room is deliverable against my short futures position?
  5. That sucks man. Are you gonna hold or cover?
  6. I'm gonna sit on a pipeline opening and let'r rip if I can deliver against my short.
    Now , do i have to hold it all the way to the Henry Hub or it in Cushing, OK?
  7. Babak


    Its creeping back up unlike oil which is flatlined. Holy smokes. Hindsight: why did I buy nat. gas producers and not the underlying?!

  8. I guess peak demand for Oil is coming to an end while natural gas is just starting to wind up. I'm afarid to buy in at these levels though.
  9. POSK


    which is a reserve trust fully levered to natural gas is only up 1% today. its worth a look.