Natural Gas

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  1. Anyone looking to short Natural Gas? It's forming a head and shoulders reversal pattern with the neckline just above $5. Entry point would be about 5.10. Short-term target: 4.70 Long-term: 4.00
  2. vega


    Pattern might look juicy, but watch out. Fundamentally doesn't seem like there's gonna be a big down move anytime soon. Seems like the only news you here is about low stocks of NG and that the supply in the future aint looking that great. That being said, seems like most of the bad news is already out there and I guess one story about stocks being repleneshed or things picking up in Irap could send NG lower, perhaps you're just one step ahead of the game:D

  3. sometimes i have natural gas. :-/

  4. Don't you mean un-natural gas?
  5. I have read in several areas that the continued sale of new homes is also putting pressure on the NG supply.....just another piece for the puzzle. Maybe you can score a one time dip for your NG play before the price moves back north.
  6. Remember: there is risk of substantial Gain trading, "Seasonal Natural Gas Spreads!"


    The yellow area on the Chart is the Seasonal Window. Margin was less than $700.00 its up twice that now!”