Natural Gas

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  1. any natural gas options traders here? how are the liquidity in natural gas options? i saw in options express the dec contract options liquidity is pretty low.... is that correct ?

  2. the prints make it look illiquid, however it is plenty liquid. The liquidity is still in the pit, you need to get bid/ask, place your orders with a floor broker.
  3. I can get 200up markets pretty much any strike, any structure, out to 2010. Liquidity drops off after that.
  4. The Sept. contract was up strongly this morning and just ran into resistance at the 50% level ( $8.955 ) and is now back down to 8.76

    Next support levels for any of the Bulls out there:

  5. I trade natgas, mostly futures, but using the options a "black swan" hedge...find the options there to be pretty friendly. Of course, everything goes to the pit, so you're paying a premium to get in and out, but i've done 500 lots in some pretty inactive strikes but always better than the OTC or vol traders on my floor would write them for.

    Looking to hook up/chat with any NG/energy professionals out there. (I trade small book for an institution).

  6. thank you for your post. by the way which broker do you use?
    and hows the commission like?