Natural gas - where is the bottom

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by sk8erboy, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. sk8erboy


    can it go to zero?
  2. HappyJoe


    Are you talking about Natural Gas? How on earth can Natural gas be priced at zero? Perhaps you are talking about spark spreads? or oil crack spreads?
  3. how can a commodity go to zero? We do not have an infinite supply of natural gas, we have about 10 years worth(in the US) from what I've heard...the bottom I believe would be when something disrupts that massive supply that we have or demand rises.
  4. Corelio


    Of course it can...didn't the Flash Crash teach us all a lesson?
  5. sk8erboy


    i bought some NGV0 at 4.00, 3.90, 3.80, 3.70
    anybody else buying it for a short term bounce at least? or everyone is short?
    i think its too oversold
    maybe this will become a long term investment but we'll see :)
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  7. A commodity price can get very close to zero.

    In 1956 onion prices for a 50 lb bag went from $2.75 to $0.10. People were only willing to pay the $0.10 because the burlap bags the 50 lb of onions came in were worth at least $0.10.

    Note that onions are the only commodity in which futures trading is illegal.
  8. Nenner says, "Natural Gas will fall to $1.70/MCF"
  9. sk8erboy


    when it bounces to 4.00 i'll get the hell out, and will never trade it ever again
  10. LEAPup


    I've got an illiquid investment that's basically "piggybacking" with the major players (chesapeake, devon, st. mary's, etc.,)

    The income checks are so thin they only have one side at the moment.:eek: :D :(
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