Natural Gas Stocks - Any?

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  1. What's the purest way to play moves in natural gas thru the stock market? I see there are no ETF's like with oil, gold, or silver.
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    If you trade futures, you can trade the electronic Natural Gas contracts. However, the emini is sized at a $5000 multiplier (quite a large daily VAR).

    Otherwise, Barron's reviewed a stock with a high correlation to NG price ... ticker:

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    PDC vs. NG
  4. stock symbol NGS
  5. qg's (nymex mini for gas) multiplier is $2500 per $1 movement, by the way.

    Some more diversified picks are DVN and APA. They are heavy nat gas stocks with great earnings numbers.
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    hgt, pvx are heavy on NG IIRC
  7. CXG is another name
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    ... oopps my bad (not $5000 per $1)
  9. CNX --Consol Energy Inc.

    Not to be confused with CXG-- CNX Gas Corp. as mentioned above.


    Bob Lawbla, Esquire. So on and so forth

  10. Natural gas royalty trusts. SJT, HGT for example.
    Will be more of a pure NG play than buying an operating company.

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