Natural Gas Outlook

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    Thanks for the update. Nice work.
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    He lists about ten NG stocks to consider in his write up.
  3. I am not really a stock guy, but unless your a futures and options player, your best bet is to choose a basket of companies that are gas oriented. I am buying calls and selling puts out on the curve as far as July 2014, (option fences).
  4. That should work if you trade the plan long enough. Want to bet a lot of companies won't be hedged when NG takes off because of complacency just like corn and wheat.
  5. UNG +100%!!!
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    what do u think about vf here. last year it came in even as we sold off and settled near the lows (quoting to premium) do u think the opposite will happen if ng rallies as the back selling pressure is taken off or will the spreads continue to come in.
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