Natural gas looking like MEME stock!

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by S2007S, Sep 28, 2021.

  1. Nine_Ender


    5.89 now, down 28.4% in 4 trading days. A real S2007S special deal going.
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  2. Nine_Ender


    I have been in on this trade through TSX nat gas stocks since the Covid crash and starting overweighting a lot November 2020. The only issue with nat gas is the pullbacks are sudden and violent at times even in the best stocks.

    I'm not sure that the market will "collapse" it will normalize/lower but at levels the companies will still have great cash flow and balance sheets. In the meantime, I believe most of the firms I trade are unhedged now and this is a cash windfall.
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  3. maxinger


    the day range has been very good.
    it is expected to be very good till the end of the winter season.

    The average day range is about 10% since 27 Sept 2021.
    this is one of the best futures for day trading.
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  4. S2007S


    Still holding. Now trading above $7.25.
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  5. Nine_Ender


    It's a bad trade you got lucky on news and still under water. You risk a ton to maybe gain a little.
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  6. d08


    Russia is playing political games with natgas, so same as always. That's the real key here. Yet, Germans are eager to deal with Russians, as long as their ex-politicians get sweet payouts from all projects. EU style corruption.
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  7. S2007S


    I think it was a few yrs back I was trading 2x and 3x NG etfs and in the end I was was right on the money. I believe you were chiming in on my posts at that point to. I'll find them and post them.
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  8. Nine_Ender


    In Oil, you bought UWTI and lost 90% of every penny you put into it ( with numerous adds ). Risking a lot to make a little is usually long term -EV. I doubt I commented on NG etfs I only started looking at this area last year.
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  9. NG likely to continue its run Friday when China comes back from holiday.
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  10. S2007S


    I did own UWT yes, but didn't risk huge amounts, I did cost average in, no worries as I don't take on unimaginable risk.

    And KOLD is now over 8.00 both my positions in 2 separate accounts are green.
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