Natural gas looking like MEME stock!

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  1. Off topic but as I read you talk a lot on futures, I'm only doing ES and NQ and I can't believe the liquidity (of course read about it all the time, but is different reading vs experiencing it) I'm still polishing my hotkeys (IBKR) but for the setups I'm feeling more comfortable being always a taker, everything at market (opening/closing, take profit, stops), the stops and TP have always closed at the exact spot, am I missing something for not using algo orders? or setting limits? is there any slippage at all? (not yet experienced it but haven't traded a ton yet). I appreciate your insights.
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    Not sure what you mean by "algo orders". If you mean not using an automated system and trading purely discretionary, then no, you aren't missing something. And you're certainly not going to miss an entry or stop/target ( or experience negative slippage) with limit orders. There is plenty of liquidity/order flow in the front contract month of ES/NQ. for them to work beautifully.
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  3. Thank you for your response. Yes purely discretionary, and by algorithmic orders my mistake for not explaining better that I refer to the proprietary IBKR algo orders that supposedly can get you better fills. I've noticed that in such a liquid market it doesn't make any difference.
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    Hmm, Peterffy territory, eh? I do not know IBKR at all, just that they have high performance bond requirements for the futures, as compared to other brokers. And I do not know what algo orders at IBKR can get you better fills? IBKR does both futures and stocks. But at least futures have only one exchange to trade through and no dark pools.
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  5. For better or worse is the only securities brokers I have access to.
    I started with stocks and went all the way to options, and sincerely can't complain for both on IBKR.

    I completely skipped the futures step and boy i'm beginning to love it (at the moment I still feel that I missed too much for skipping them :banghead:). Don't have any reference for futures but from what i'm seeing (in my VERY limited experience with futures) the execution and commissions are fine.

    Still lot of homework to do as i'm aware that the regulations for futures are much different than securities and options, so maybe for my nationality there are more platforms I can use. But i´ll stick to IBKR for a while as I manage my options positions frequently so better to have all in one place.
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    On that I agree, having a one-stop shop for your trading needs is preferable than having to spread out over various providers.
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    8.23 when you posted this. Now 6.80 down 17.4% in 3 trading days. Awesome.
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    Very tough to call out exact bottoms or tops...
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    Things like ultrashort ETF's serve a community purpose, they allow traders to express the rebellious side of their nature.
    I reckon a series of ETFs called "The punching bag" should be created, one which shorts every sector, simply allows one to trade against every trend.
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  10. I think none of you really understand the gravity of the situation for NG. Two thirds of China's power comes from coal; and coal is tight globally. India was lifting Australian coal out of Chinese ports but China is so desperate that they started allowing domestic firms to take delivery of Aus-origin despite bad CNH/Aus relations. India and China are both now hunting globally for coal and LNG. Propane globally has firmed because any switching that can be done to power plants has been done. TTF is surging because of EU power demand, LNG supply is being pulled east, lack of wind power, lack of electricity exports from the Nordic states (because of less glacial flow), and less gas imported from Russia.

    Like another poster said, HH will benefit by way of US LNG export capacity. HH going to 12, 15, 18$/mmbtu in Dec/Jan is not out of the realm of possibility. But yes, of course this will not last - stating the obvious is not hard. The market will collapse sometime in Q1'22.
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