Natural gas looking like MEME stock!

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  1. maxinger


    It seems like for today, NG will not move much.

    who knows, it might move again when the market opens next Monday.
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  2. zdreg


    Rumor is that you are just a saxophone player trying to imitate Bill Clinton.:D
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  3. KCalhoun


    Tru dat.... plus I trade a wee bit (46+ RTs yesterday in my fdly acct)

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  4. zdreg


    Give the man a big applause!
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  6. comagnum


    Another day another dollar, this time shorting NG overnight. Got to love the typical fall season volatility.

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  7. Nine_Ender


    Here's more nat gas trades. Crew Energy March 2020 hit 14 cents, now $3.11. Birchcliff 58 cents, now $7.
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  8. Overnight


    I don't mean to be insulting, but that was awful. Your timing was off, your breath work was off...You were not at the level of good. Maybe it was because you were in a bathroom or something and not in a recording studio, or maybe it was because you are a PERMABEAR.

    Trust me. Become a permabull, and you will get better on the sax.

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  9. It's very scary market, 27-28 september I felt like it's trading ahead of New Year,
    nothing happened mostly, no hurricanes, factory explosions,
    but so panic and chaotic movements.

    Noticed for me for future, that September to end of February
    are dangerous period on NG market.
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  10. I'm finally dipping my toes on futures so this is timely advice for me :D
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