Natural gas looking like MEME stock!

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  1. I think the article may have been taken off. Here's a PDF of the original.
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  2. Overnight


    James Cordier all over again. His fund got wiped out when NG spiked on his watch.

    It really is the "widow-maker instrument".

    Unless you consider RB. Imagine the wipeout on getting THAT one wrong!
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  3. KCalhoun


    im long a bit o kold and sco for swings, will scale if they bounce; bot nr 6.4 premkt thx to formika kold28sepcc.jpg sco28sep.jpg
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  4. jyama


    It's my first post go easy guys.

    My theory is gas goes higher til the Russians have the approval from the EU to use the Nord Stream 2 pipline and an China is helping to put pressure on the EU by buying all the supply driving prices higher? Ukraine loses income from transmitting gas to Europe and Russia and China become better buddies. Then the price of nat gas drops after EU approval and China buys less gas.

    Any help is appreciated. How do I play the up and down and how do futures contracts affect prices month to month?
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  5. Overnight


    They don't affect NG prices. Please, for the love of God...Do NOT attempt to trade NG futures at this time. Just look away.

    I'ma get all Scotty on your ass about this. Dude, DO NOT ENGAGE IN NG FUTURES AT THIS TIME, unless you have millions of dollars in your account to survive the vol.

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  6. jyama


    I appreciate it. I will not trade futures I have kids. I guess I have a lot to learn. Thank you.
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  7. MrMuppet


    Good. NG has way too many victims already
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  8. maxinger


    NG is one of the best futures for day trading due to its very wide day range.

    There are people who do swing / position trading.
    some earn tons of $$$. some lost tons of $$$.

    also, there are people who do spread trading
    between various countries NG.

    Do note that trading is not easy.
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  9. Generally, it can go higher or lower than you think. Going long or short for a directional trade because you think it's too high or too low is generally not a good idea.

    I'll admit to making this same mistake myself from time to time.
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  10. Nine_Ender


    Trading NG itself is gambling most days but the really good trade is long NG stocks taking advantage of any dips in price. The top Canadian firms don't need $5 or $6 NG to make a ton of money in coming earnings reports. Several NG firms are some of the best performing TSX index companies this year. The way I see it, these firms are a free call on any "extreme" pricing spikes, but we don't need it to do well.
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