Natural gas looking like MEME stock!

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    What's the opposite to catch a falling knife?
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    I guess you have been doing counter-trend trading /
    trading against the flow / grain / herd for the past few decades.

    It is very easy to deplete one's trading account with
    such a strategy.
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    How high do you actually think NG can get. You can see the spikes over the last 25 years followed by huge collapses. It's going to happen again. Yes it may double to 12 or 14 or even 20, but it will have absolutely zero staying power at those extreme levels.

    How quick we forgot that oil was literally worthless a year ago now everyone is piling in like it's Peak oil. Nothing but asset bubbles, all due to the fact the fed keeps printing unlimited money.
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  6. Nat gas should never get this high to begin with as we're the Saudi Arabia of it. Years ago, I read we have like 200yrs worth, with most off the Eastern seaboard. They burn a lot when fracking. 15yrs ago or so it was in the $4's and our heating bill was like $800 for little more than a month. In the $6's and millions of people would be unable to pay their heating bill. Needless, to say we went off dual heat and went straight to electricity. Will this fall like lumber has...yes, the question is when?
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    There is an energy crisis going around. China is stopping factory work. We have exposed our Nat gas to foreign demand with the export facilities we built in Louisiana. Nat gas is the largest source of reliable, green energy which every country is tripping over for.

    We will need to start investing in fracking again. Hopefully, when we get a change of administration.
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    I sense a trading opportunity :D

    What's the best long and inverse nat gas ETFs?
  9. BOIL and KOLD
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    thx much, great volatility in charts, i like both, eg boil breakout or kold bounce if it gets > 7.4 boil28sept.jpg kold28sept.jpg

    im a contrarian so im buying kold if bounces... actually i just bot a bit now premkt at 6.4

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