Natural Gas journal.

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  1. my new favorite contract to trade QG :D

    sitting at $4.80 right now.. been beaten down hard from $5.50

    EOD i was looking to long 4.75 but never got filled :(

    any commentary from ET NG/QG traders?
  2. ill post all my trades here..
  3. I went long NG last night...I went in at 4.80...more or less.

    Im planning to hold until 5.25.

    I really don't like NG though. Bad macro trends to be long.
  4. But - i do like to 'buy low'. And NG is very low, all things considered. Look what happened when it touched this price in December.
  5. Have traded UNG options for a long time and have been trading NG and QG lately.

    I've been getting wiggled out, stopped out QG -150. last night. Was up nice 550. on NG after inventories this morning but kept my stop near breakeven, looking for a bigger move but it whipped back down, stopped at +30.

    Would like to just buy a contract of QG right now and hang on for 5.50 plus but don't trust it just yet, too choppy and aimless, just daytrades for now.
  6. just sold my positoin on a little pop this morning

    i may or may not buy back in for a longer term swing trade.
  7. got a 1c move! lol

    trading more YM today.++ EUR was swinging CRAZY

    i was SURE that the snow and cold weather would push this up a bit.. disappointed at the price action.

    >>im new to energy trading..

    what happens generally in the summer months with warmer weather for natural gas? can we really see 5.5 again going into the summer with CL below ~80?
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  9. traded one contract today for +$95

    market still weak, looking for "bottom" 4.25?
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    What are the correlations of NG vs other things? anything you can think about, and correlated??

    NG is on its own, a quiet slow death. The only thing for certain is that UNG will continue its slide. Eventually get shut down, or re-organized....
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