Natural Gas Fracking Caused Largest Arkansas Earthquake

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  1. Why would it be bearish? Have you turned your gas off on your gas furnace and hot water heater yet?
  2. Billy Bob and his wife/sister were thrown from their trailer!
  3. How can any regulator or engineer even suggest its a good idea to highly pressurize caverns deep under ground? Man made volcano...

    The recent bird and fish kills are also related to fracking by releasing ammonia and carbon dioxide.

    CO2 is heavier then air and settles in our water supply creating dead zones killing off the fish. Ammonia is lighter than air creating low altitude plumes of poisonous gas that suffocate the birds in flight.

    This is all high school level chemistry...
  4. Volcanos haven't been exploding in Oklahoma so not sure its causes underground Volcanos.
  5. Volcano just in the sense that the high pressure underground forces gas and other stuff to the surface.

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    Yes, very good. I laughed. Although I will admit I'm reminded of a certain scene in "The Smartest Guys in the Room" about a certain company's traders laughing at turning off granny's heating.

    Let's just hope traders never get the power to initiate earthquakes..
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    Highly pressurized caverns? It's obvious you don't have any idea about gas and oil.

    I just checked out the first google result for "ammonia fracturing" and was ammonia listed? Nope. Was carbon dioxide listed? Nope. Why you would use either of these for hydraulic fracturing, I have no idea.
    CO2 also doesn't like to stay trapped in solution. You know, like if you open a can of Coke and let it sit for a day. All of the CO2 is released and is dispersed into the atmosphere, where it mixes with the rest of the greenhouse gases.

    Since ammonia is lighter than air, why would it stop rising and create only a low altitude plume of death? It would not. It would keep rising, and be dispersed, just like any other gas in the atmosphere. It would take industrial quantities of ammonia released all at once, with an absolutely still atmosphere, for there to be any chance at all of massive amounts of birds dying. And in that case, it would effect every bird in the area, not just one species, as is the case with the dying birds lately.

    In addition: Ammonia is found in trace quantities in the atmosphere, being produced from the putrefaction(decay process) of nitrogenous animal and vegetable matter.

    And I must ask: what was your high school chemistry grade?
  8. The Horrors of Fracking (video) - Must-see 21-minute excerpt of Josh Fox' "Gasland" documentary gives a glimpse into the horrific world people face who live in vicinity of certain fracking operations, with water that catches fire; severe headaches and neurotoxicity; hair falling out; animal, fish and human deaths. Fracking imposes the most severe environmental degradation of any energy type; and is replete with criminal cover-ups of its dangers.

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  9. Watch Gasland.... a lot closer to home
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