Natural Gas found in Gaza

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  1. For all of you that thought the P/I conflict was not about energy.

    More inluding maps of the find at:
  2. 4 billion USD?

    Bernanke prints that kind of money before breakfast.:eek:
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  4. I thought the battle was getting a litte "Heated"
  5. Allah sucks
  6. 1.4 Tcf????? why thats enough for a whole month's worth of consumption in the usa. i say we bomb the hell out of em
  7. That is a small amount of Natural gas.
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    The year is young, but this thread will surely be a contender for the dumbest of 2009.
  9. Only one thing to do. Obama should invade gaza :D
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    It is called Gaza, after all! :D
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