Natural Gas... $1.70 Target?

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  1. $1.70/MCF... That's Charles Nenner's target. He's been about 50-50 with this predictions in general... no worse than other symmetry seers.

    If his $1.70 target materializes, the UNG could trade down to $2-$3.

    I might gamble a few $Million on it at that point...

  2. "Gamble a few $million"?!

    Why not just allocate your capital to a professional trader, instead of gambling it?

    $2.41 is major support, in our view.

    Post a link to the mgr you referenced?
  3. "Your view"? What's that worth? Are you somebody we all should be paying attention to... or just another no-account player with an opinion?

    No link to Nenner's forecast... just a video from months back where I wrote down his opinion on Nat Gas. (At the time of his Nat Gas prediction, he also predicted a low in the Euro at 1.18, and a high in oil at $87... both of those were good...but his calls on the stock market were way off... Like I said, his calls have been 50-50... and that's enough to suggest keeping an eye on $1.70 Nat Gas. )

    I AM a Professional Trader, you A-hole... perhaps been one since before your were born. (Assuming you were born after 1982...)
  4. You sound a bit like an angry troll. Better luck trading.

    Why bother regurgitating something that's "50/50?"

    "SCAT." LOL You're a regular here. yes, that's a backhanded compliment.

    EDIT: I offered the swing support we're following because your thread ended with a question mark, inviting conjecture & thoughts. I think the swing low (support) is probably more valid than your "50/50" regurgitation from the 1970s.

    And yes, if somebody says they're going to "gamble a few million" they're either delusional or a fool with money, hence my suggestion to allocate it to a firm that is systematic and doesn't "gamble."

    I think you look like a fool. Fortunately, you can remain anonymous and nobody will know.
  5. 1. I'm not delusional.

    2. I'm no fool. I've got $Millions to gamble with if I choose... because I made 'em in the market.


    Your stock on ET would be higher if you were to SHUT UP.. and NEVER UTTER ANOTHER WORD.
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    I would be long UNG with NG under $2.00, its almost a given risk free trade.
  7. Who knows where "the" low will be. Fundamentals are that America is AWASH in Nat Gas.. and we're not utilizing it the way we could. Natural Gas will always have some value... and "things" could change to make it rally a ton.

    What America SHOULD be doing is utilizing Nat Gas as a "transportation fuel"... using our resources at home and stop sending $60B/mo to ragheads in the ME... some of whom would gladly do us harm.
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    As Chicago CTA said:

    "I think you look like a fool. Fortunately, you can remain anonymous and nobody will know."
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    I use candlesticks as noted from my posts. Take a look at a long t/f (the monthly candle) UNG, and this bearish engulfing signal at the top in 2008 pointed out the pain to come for NG.

    I'd say we continue down in NG for now.
  10. That's enough to get you on my lonnnnnng list of ET Ignores.

    And just what did I say that was foolish? That "some high-profile seer predicted Nat Gas to go to $1.70"? THAT makes me look foolish? Just how high IS your horse??
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