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  1. Go to

    Under "search", punch in "Kevin Trudeau". Read thoroughly. The guy is a crook.
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  2. Jack Lalane quoted in the Trudeau book

    "If a man made it. Don't eat it." Something like that.

    So I look down long rows of processed, canned, packaged food in the supermarket in fear. Then I turn on business TV and watch drug company ads putting me in fear about cancer, dry skin and erectile dysfunction. Jesus.

    Nobody can take this kind of fear advertising and pressure. Maybe I need to look at Tivo. Ha ha.
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  3. His book was what got me interested in our healthcare system and how bad it is. I do not feel that it is a scam and reading it benefited me and many other people as well. Saying that, many of the specific 'cures' are not totally revealed. Since then I have done a lot of research on my own. Here is some of the best healthcare websites and information I have found: - orthomolecular (vitamins) medicine website - natural health (appears to be down right now) - Matthias Rath, M.D. is the world renowned physician and scientist who led the breakthrough in the area of vitamins and cardiovascular health. He received the world's first patents for the natural reversal of cardiovascular disease. - nutrition - body cleanses - cancer - diagnosis tool and reviews of treatment options
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  4. While the healthcare system has it's problems, his claims are ridiculous. None of them are backed by scientific sources that he is willing to divulge.

    I'm glad that his book has you interested in health and the healthcare system. However, I think you should know that he is a convicted criminal. In 1990, he was convicted of posing as a doctor in order to deposit over $80,000 in fake checks. In 1991, he plead guilty to larceny in a credit card fraud case.

    You can go ahead and believe that crocodile goo cures arthritis, vinegar cures acid reflux, hydrogen peroxide cures herpes, and squirting all manner of blended concoctions up your ass (I'm not exaggerating here) is good for you. It's your body and your health.

    Personally, I don't like to take health advice from a felon.
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  5. I always research something before I believe it and I never claimed that I believe everything in his book. I've read hundreds of articles on pubmed within the last year. I forget what all he says in its book, it was just what got me interested in healthcare and thats why I feel it benefited me. For someone interested in being healthy and taking care of their own health, I would advise reading information from the links I posted rather than reading his book.
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  6. Aren't we supposed to be disease free and in perfect health from the "coral calcium" supplements he and the old timer were raving about in that old infomercial??? Why would I need this new book when Im cured from "everything" already. :)
    Please people, see a doctor if something is wrong w/ you. We didn't double our lifespans in little over a century from cider and "natural cures"... we did it thanks to science, technology and doctors. God forbid we give those "evil drug companies" any credit what-so-ever.
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  7. Dude thats a bit skewed, life spans have increased markedly, but so have rates of various diseases, many of them crippling/terminal.

    I dont know if thats just a "culling" phenomenon, but you have to acknowledge , a BULK of these stats are due to VERY few actual "cures" and effective treatments, penicillin, heart surgery, the marginal success of some cancer drugs and the like.

    You said yourself, "technology",
    docters play a very limited role.
    They can only diagnose someone who is already very ill, and then, only if the patient has the cash.

    Its come down to a management aspect, where people who may otherwise have died, are kept alive longer, often with abysmal quality of life.
    Rather be alive than dead?Sure, but euthanasia is still illegal, how many of these type cases may be making up numbers in your "living twice as long" approach?
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  8. My point is, if the coral calcium pills weren't the "cure all", why would this book be? Writing this book is telling me he was probably lying about his previous miracle product... you remember that fake interview infomercial w/ the old timer, don't you? Not sure if this is true, but what Ive heard is that most of the supposed cures in the book are just symptom relievers, not a "cure" at all. Who here has been cured of diabetes, cancer, etc. from reading this book? I'd love to hear about some results.
    Here's to good health and good trading! J
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  9. The only reason that the life span has gone up is because infant and child mortality has gone down, people get better nutrition now, and trauma care has improved. But what cures to degenerate disease has mainstream medicine found? The only thing they have come up with is toxic and expensive treatments.

    According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, modern medicine causes 225,000 iatrogenic deaths per year in the US. That makes doctors the third leading cause of death by this estimate. Critics of the industry have compiled numbers showing 784,000 iatrogenic deaths per year which makes them the leading cause of death. I'm sorry, but I don't want to get my healthcare from an industry that causes 225,000 to 784,000 deaths per year and charges close to a quarter of US GDP for it.

    People need to realize that there are better and other options for healthcare than popping the next pill they see advertised on tv every night.
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  10. Thanks for replying, im not just trolling here by any means.

    Who here has been "cured" of the afforementioned maladies , by their docter, with standard treatments?
    The equation your alluding to is survivability, your post makes clear that distinction, who has been cured by any treatment, this guys, or standard practice?

    Are there good odds, on one side or the other??

    JZ, ive only read a little on the supposed miracle of hydrogen peroxide. Its a powerful oxidiser, that much i know, but can you point to any research that suggests, that it MIGHTNT be the best option for a variety of maladies?
    Maladies.........geez, it might as well be 1800.
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