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  1. Natural Cures - "They" Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau.

    Bought it on a lark at Sam's Club - $18.91 - because I saw a lot of other people - mostly fat - skimming and buying it.

    Picking through it this is some pretty inflammatory stuff. Not at all what I'd expect to see at Sam's or WalMart (I guess).

    Has anyone read this? :confused:

  2. Okay thx DD. It had that infomercial feel sort of - like I should go to a spa for body poison detox or something.

    Still, couldn't get it out of my head at the foodstore tonight. This guy is making some big scathing claims here. 500+ pages of them.

    Guess I'll have seconds. :(
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    You have to do your own due diligence in the area of natural cures. Just Googling on various nutrients and the words "deficiency symptoms" will get you started in the right direction. Be careful about who manufactures any supplements you take, if they are not made in a lab with FDA oversight you have to check further to see if you can form an opinion regarding quality. Some of the stuff widely marketed is just awful. I have seen lab reports of what is found in them, typically they have less of the advertised ingredient in them and some of the unwanted stuff is just horrendous, especially if they are made in the third world somewhere.
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    Trudeau is a genius. He has like 4 scams running parallel, and when the court fines him for unsustained claims, he is paying the huge fines from the even bigger profits and keeps going.

    Once I watched the whole infomercial on this book, which was genius itself. You can watch it for a long time and don't realize that it is not an interview on 60 minutes, but an advertisement.
    Actually he makes lots of good points against big pharma. (like they are going to make vitamin classifieds as drugs,etc.)
    In return big pharma keeps harassing him...

    The trick is with the book, that there isn't too much real info in it, but it is another ads for a website, and yes, you guessed it right, the website can be accessed only if you are a paid member...

    Pure genius, better than Ponzi....
  5. Hm, thats interesting .
    I guess his business model would be the parrallelascam, not the traditional pyramid.
  6. Oh yes. That's part of what makes it interesting. Some of the chapters are on this war with the FTC and WebMD and "Them" trying to stop him and what court orders let him say. The other part is this guy is a screamer readers will remember like PETA or Abortion posters - or Cramer. :D He'll probably sell a 100k copies this weekend if it's in Sam's/WMT. It's going to be worse hell on doctors. Big Pharma saying "Ask your doctor" (which people do - doctors tell me) on one side of the coin and then getting asked about this bomb thrower's ideas on the other. :D

    Doesn't look like anyone can shut him down.

    I've already paid 19$ for the book and 4.59$ for my first organic pineapple. I don't feel better - just silly. :(
  7. ================
    Actually an amazing subject worthy of study;
    dont know the book.

    Yes good thing I dont make feeling as the final say;
    and some arent interested in nutrition which goes cross grain against a poor self image.

    Saw Jack Lalane , that health king has not changed much since i was a kid. Jack is about 75 or 8o or so;
    and said on Sky Angel tv''Call the chef, want 12 veggies in my salad, I never told my stomach I was poor man''

    Too bad that conflicts with poor self images of some.:cool:
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    I think the trick what he is using is called non-sequitur in logical arguments.

    The infomercial is good, he argues very effectively against big pharma on lots of different grounds. But the product what he is selling has nothing to do with his arguments, thus it is a non-sequitur.

    I mean in a general way, there is a connection, like big pharma is trying to sell you drugs, when there are cheaper natural cures for the same problem. But that doesn't mean that his cures are the ones that solve your illness.

    My bet is that he has probably 5 good advices in a 500 pages book, that could be summarized in 5 pages. Some of them are just really good common sense advices.

    I think I finally saw the book in the bookstore (earlier it was only aviable by mailorder), thus one can check it out for free before buying it...
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