Nato troops killed by gunman in Afghan army uniform

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    More of our boyz were murdered by the evil ones in Afghanistan.

    We must stay there for at least 10 more years. By cumming back early, we are admitting defeat at the hands of the enemy.

    No surrender! Let's kick Afghan ass! Also, we should kick Iranian, Pakistanian and Indian ass. They are all part of the axis of evil.

    Before we start bombing em, we should evacuate any pretty girls, convert them to Christianity or Judaism and have them as our mistresses! Here is an example of a nice looking Indian girl who we should evacuate before the bombing starts:,r:11,s:0&biw=1132&bih=917

    I have already reserved her for myself.
  2. You saying NATO troops have issues with premature ejaculation, dude its bad enough that they are being shot at but this is below the belt.
  3. ?

    If you don't want a girl, I will take your one.

    We don't prematurely ejectulate. We are American.