NATO scrimmages with our friends the Pakistanis

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    Two helicopters of the U.S.-led NATO force in Afghanistan entered Pakistani airspace, triggering a firefight that injured two soldiers at a border post, Pakistan’s military said in statement today.

    Pakistan troops in the North Waziristan tribal region shot at the aircraft and were injured in a return of fire, according to a text message sent to reporters by Inter-Services Public Relations, the press office at Pakistan’s army headquarters in Rawalpindi.

    Why do we give Pakistan billions of dollars in aid so they can attack our soldiers?
  2. The short answer is that it is a whole lot cheaper than fighting another trillion dollar war in the middle east, in this case it will likely to cost tens of trillions because of the nuclear capability of Pakistan.
  3. Going to war with Hitler is too expensive crowd
  4. An analyst on Frontline said that the US considers Pakistan as a Too Big To Fail State. And Pakistan knows this so they are exploiting their position in order to get endless 'bailouts' from the US Treasury. Its a quite brilliant extortion scheme. Pak. invest nothing in secular education, healthcare, or economic development so that 95% of people will be miserable for life with zero chance of a decent livelihood. They then get billions from the Saudi's that fund Islamist schools and terror training camps, which when you add the overall misery in the country ensures an endless supply of terrorists.
    They then get billions from the US to engage in a half-serious fight against only some low level expendable terrorists. And they are the biggest proliferators of nuclear technology - north korea and iran have pakistan to thank for their nuclear program. In addition to the terror threat, the use the nuclear proliferation threat to further extort the US Treasury. The wealthiest people in pakistan are connected to the ISI and the army and why would they ever want to leave an extremely profitable terror business.
    When the US supports terror states like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan then Americans dying at the hands of terrorists is only poetic justice - you get what you pay for.
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    Is the US trying to start a war with Pakistan?

    1. Bin Laden
    2. Enter their airspace and there are shots fired.

    WTF mate?? We can't afford a war right now.