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  1. Apologies if this has been asked before. Can anybody suggest a direct access broker, which offers a NATIVE .Net API?

    I’m not interested in ActiveX controls or wrappers around COM objects. I’m looking specifically for a native .NET API.

    I’m not fussy about, which markets are offered by the brokerage (futures, equities, forex, etc). I just want an online broker, which preferably has some kind of demo account that I can develop a .NET ATS against.

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    I think MBT has a .net api. IS there any reason why you need a native .net api?
  3. I know futurepath trading has a .NET api and a simulator but they're futures only and there is a minimum volume/capital level for their clients.

    Maybe one of the order entry front ends that talk to multiple brokers has one? Something like Ninja Trader or button trader or Tradebolt? All they'll be doing is wrapping the broker's native API in a .net wrapper but if you can't find anything else that's worth a shot.

    I'm curious too as to why you need or, maybe more accurately, desire, only a native .net API. Why not consider a .net wrapper for any other type of API and widen your options for brokers. I'm sure you have a good reason for your needs/desires - I'm just curious what they are....

    Also, can you list the ones you find in this thread? I'm just as curious as to which brokers offer a native .net api.


  4. They definitely do not nor do they support any of the newer Microsoft .NET compilers (VS2003 or VS2005) for development using their API/SDK.
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    apologies ...
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  7. Thanks for the feedback so far.

    The reason that I’m looking for a native .NET API is that I’m contemplating writing a book for traders that want to learn (from scratch) how to program trading systems.

    My current language preference is.NET and as such, any API coding that I include in the book needs to be as ‘clean’ and uncomplicated as possible. This book will be aimed at complete novice programmers so if possible, I want to steer clear of any potential confusion.

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    I don't if you are familiar with the book "Modeling Financial Markets", which sort of aims to do the same what you are planning to do. Anyway, the book includes a CD-ROM with, among others, a version of an API for X_TRADER. More information about this API can be found at I don't know if this what you're looking for, as I haven't gotten very far in the book yet...
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    Townsend Analytics, which produces the Realtick software, offers a .NET native API for their datafeed. However, you are stuck with an ActiveX wrapper through Realtick for autotrading. If you want to work with just the .NET native datafeed, then you don’t need a broker and simply subscribe directly with Townsend:

    The API is available here:

    You can register for free to take a look at their examples. Keep in mind that you do have to pay at least $300 a month to get a full data stream.
  10. activex com wrapper for .net is the technology to use if your broker write their software in C/C++

    .Net is not native, its translated "byte code"
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