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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by ryank, Dec 1, 2006.

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    I am getting daily phone calls from one of their reps. Wants me to invest in a penny stock that he says is going to $1.50 and his company is part of the deal to go from over the counter to some sort of listing. He wanted me to attend a dinner in town 2 weeks ago for a presentation. He wanted me to stop in for a presentation when I was in Chicago the other day. I just got out of a meeting and there is a message that he and his partner are going to stop by my office (uninvited) on Monday to go over the deal.

    The rep keeps pitching Thomas G. Hudson formerly of Computer Network Tech and McData Corp is now running As I have been told, it is going to be huge and I can get in at $.45/share and something about warrents (sorry, I'm not familiar with them). The deal closes on 12/8 so I have to hurry and get in on it so I'm told.

    Anybody heard of National Securities? There is no way I'm investing any money in a penny stock, let alone the amount they want me to sink into it (they claim the average amount people are putting in right now for this deal is $45,000). Not to mention I that I would never give money to somebody pitching me over the phone so hard. I think I am being targeted by a boiler room operation or something.

    Edit: the ticker is cgsy