National Poverty Rate - A National Shame

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    According to recent census figures, 1 in 7 Americans now living in poverty

    And the fat cats living off our taxes in D.C. continue to play games and point fingers.

    It is a national disgrace.

    Fire every one of those idiots in D.C. who have been hired, elected or appointed in the past 10 years. And give their job to someone who is unemployed.

    Guaranteed, things will get a whole lot better.
  2. Problem is we outsourced our middle class.
    Once the C level execs realized every dollar they save in labor they can pay to themselves in bonuses there is no need to hire US Workers.


    You wanna see a sad show -- watch the Ann Curry Dateline piece on poverty from southeast Ohio. I went to college at Ohio University which is about 10 miles from where the show was filmed. And ask why the guys at Goldman. Morgan Stanley, etc. are again raking in big bonuses, after being bailed out, while human beings in the US lack food and housing. Ask WHY we are still fighting wars we have no business being in. I was of draft age in the early 70's for Vietnam, a war that paralleled both Irag and Afghanistan. Not a political statement on my part but merely asking WHY we're not helping those here in the US rather than spending a lot of $$ overseas. I can tell you that these people in southeast Ohio would love to work, they're not lazy.
  4. Why are these people more deserving than Africans or rural Chinese?

    Global marketplace. We're all fighting, and these people are wasting their $ sending plates to Obama.
  5. There is something worse than poverty here: For too many, there is almost no hope of finding suitable work or business that would get them out of poverty.
  6. You know times have changed when the local coupon & events flyer has been replaced with the local crime blotter.
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    any sharp increase in crimes at the moment?
  8. I find all this talk about the increase in poverty as nothing more than liberal/socialistic propaganda to increase the social safety net via new programs in return for votes.

    A George Mason economics professor has already told us that we are better off now than 30 years ago (Source: Are You Smarter Than a George Mason University Economics Professor? ). Who are we to believe, reality or some profesor who hides in academia because he couldn't hack in the real world??

    It is quite clear in the FedEx report yesterday that they, like the rest of corporate america, have to focus on expanding the profit margin by whatever means necessary. They reported a doubling of profits but the key is that they absolutely need to cut workers in order to raise guidance going forward. To paraphrase a soundbite from Michael Moore's F911, it sounds like america is somewhat like Iraq, "good for business but bad for people."
  9. Global marketplace. We're all fighting,


    BINGO, so tap into the Global Market Place or end up in with your future dicated by DC and Progressives....or just an economy that is going no where for a while.

    Welcome to the new erra.....either bitch about it and sink into poverty or learn to make money from it. US companies are expanding heavy over seas. The idea job may not be in America may have to "Travel" to find your Dream job.
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    That's my question too. We're always going to have hungry and poor in our country. Does that mean we should never help other nations?
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