National emergency at the border is over.

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  2. Want to know why the war with Iraq was wrong but going to war with Iran is ok?
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  4. Prop up oil prices.
  5. Sorry I left out "I" want to know why thet war with Iraq was so wrong but now gearing up with Iran is ok.

    Will be interesting to see all these Congress people and President who said they knew the war with Iraq was bad but have no problem going to the brink with Iran.
  6. I think it's all coming down from that fucking clown Bolton. there are no Kelly or Maddog to be the voice of the reason in WH anymore. this is going to be much worse than the IRAQ war.
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    To be frank, all Republicans and many Democrats were just fine going into Iraq. So at least the Republicans have been consistent. Of course they flip floped once the Bush approval numbers plummeted.
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    Some POS nobody who's never served has no place in a position to advice the president on putting troops on the line. We won't have Ally support either if it comes to it.

    This admin, and many righties seem to be fine backing brutal Saudi regime, but are outraged about Iran which an is infinitely more moderate nation.

  9. Hugged your Ayatollah yet today?
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    True.Unlike Iraq Trump wont have congressional approval to go to war with Iran.I wonder what happens then
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