National Debt increases 100 Billion in 24 hrs

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  1. We're now at 10.124 Trillion!

    Isn't anyone the least bit concerned??
  2. Yes we are becoming a banana republic without bananas! Cut the f'ing pork out of the bailout. Actually just vote down the bill it isn't going to work. How did those previous bright ideas work, rate cute, rebates, all BS!
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    Free the weed and tax the crap out of it!
  4. I was lying in bed last night wondering what life is going to be like when the US can't even pay the interest on the outstanding debt. The US's comptroller (can't remember his name) who recently resigned said, at the current pace, it will be about 8 more years until the US defaults or is forced to pay only the interest on the outstanding debt. When the US defaults it will be like living in Russia. It's going to be a complete military state where the government runs everything and you can be hauled off to jail for a simple curfue violation. Either that or we'll be paying 80% of our wages in taxes, assuming we even have a job. My biggest fear is the markets will close or will be so tightly regulated it will render trading ineffective. Some very tough times are coming. Keep an eye on the mounting US debt.
  5. nothing lasts forever.

    roman empire destroyed by germanic barbarians.

    Ming dynasty, which once had the largest naval fleet in the world, decinmated by nomadic manchurians.

    british empire, broken up in a million pieces.

    america has had a good run. RIP.
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    there no military curfew.. wake up!

  7. The US currently takes in approximately 2.521T per year in taxes so let's see, 10.124T / 2.521T = just over 4 years, assuming the government spends no money on anything else except paying down the national debt. LOL, we're looking at 100 years to unload this mess. The US will be enslaved by China for the next century. Better brush up on that Chinese folks!
  8. I mean how Russia used to be. Hey, there's hotties in the clubs and they got CLUBS? Road Trip! :D

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    Hrm.... 10T divided by 300mil is around $33333. So, each person including kids, elderly and adults owe $33333.

    Comparable to a mortgage?
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