National Cleavage Day

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  1. Tom B

    Tom B

    Happy National Cleavage Day


    Today is the breast day ever. Not just because it’s Friday, but because it’s National Cleavage Day — at least in the UK, and according to the makers of Wonderbra.

    Anyone have a problem with celebrating it here in the U.S.A. even though it is not an official holiday whatsoever? Didn’t think so.

    You’re welcome. :)

    See the slide show at:

    Read more:
  2. yawn...i'd ratherbe trading
  3. Tom B

    Tom B

  4. Lucrum


  5. Sh*t Lucrum...

    You know how to celebrate this day. I love that celebration ^
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  7. Lucrum


    I recognized them right off.
  8. In my new book, "Gravity: Friend or Foe",...

    I will dedicate an entire chapter to saggy boobs.

    Stay tuned....:cool:
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