"National American Jewish History Month"

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  1. Joseph Cortina, a retired Marine, green Barret, Special forces operative, who travelled around the world. After visiting Israel and witnessing Zionist crimes, he completely changed his opinion about the sick ideology he used to sympathize with..

    Interview with Joseph Cortina

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    National American Jewish History Month
    I agree 100% with Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz , the original sponsor of the National American Jewish History Month!
    It has been way too long to deny our school children the benefits of knowing the true historic contributions of the Jewish people to the United States of America

    Jewish contribution to Christian America has been underrated and ignored long enough!
    Let’s get “Jewish History Month” (*MAY 2007) started with a bang!

    Here are but a few historic ‘contributions’ by Jews to the American dream.

    (1) Julius and Ethyl Rosenberg - man and wife traitors to America who by selling nuclear secrets to our mortal Marxist enemies in the USSR have caused the torture deprivations and deaths of countless MILLIONS of Europeans as well as having ALL Americans for some FOURTY YEARS - live under the ‘Sword of Damacles’ - the threat of nuclear annihilation by the Rosenberg’s good friends - the Communists. The lives of those foreigners ( mostly misguided Christians) were not important, and the conduct of the Rosenbergs was very sincere and courageous. We will never forget these ‘pioneers’.

    (2) Another Jew historic icon was Israeli spy and traitor Jonathan Pollard - whose duplicity against his OWN country - in the words of top ranking US intelligence specialists - had created SO MUCH DAMAGE to our security that the full effects of his treason would not be fully realized for decades! Not surprisingly - most Jews in Israel - EVEN TODAY, revere Jew traitor Pollard as a ‘folk hero’! American officials have obviously overreacted and Pollard should be freed - and Americans should be more tolerant to Jews with loyalty to IsraHELL in lieu of our America.

    (3) Those of us celebrating Jew history month cannot be grateful enough to the efforts of the ADL and Jew dominated ACLU in removing the laws of God from Chief Justice Moore’s courthouse in Alabama. This was an historic step in the ‘re-education’ from our former naive superstitious Christian selves.

    (4) In promoting homosexual perversions like child molesters - the Jews in America have no equal. Our thanks go out to them for bringing we Christian goy to realize the political correctness of some of their best known efforts - such as NAMBLA. Who are we backward Gentiles to suggest that it is wrong to for an adult pervert to give a 5 year old child ‘sexual pleasure’. Thank you for your historic efforts in teaching us to ‘grow up’ in ‘your world’.

    (5) Not to be outdone by the level of porn in their IsraHELL homeland - American Jews have made us proud to say that today - through their tireless efforts - America now ranks as the porn capitol of the world! The examples are too numerous to chronicle , but typical are the series of child pornography web sites operated by two Jews with ties to Israel who go by the names of Jeff Libman and Marc Greenburg. These two Jewish pedophiles operate their “kiddy porn” business under Florida’s corporate laws. Those of us Gentiles who wish to become successful businessmen like Libman and Greenberg would do well to learn from these ‘pros’ because Jews have historically proven to be leaders in profitable businesses.

    (6) Certainly high on the list should be the Jewish contribution to the cold-blooded butchering of hundreds of our sons fathers and brothers aboard an unarmed Navy vessel (the USS Liberty) in international waters. These thoughtless sailors had the audacity to do something that obviously upset the Jews who were at the time committing wholesale war crimes. Our ‘hats off’ to the tireless efforts of American Jews like Jay Crystal - who dedicated his life to expose the alleged atrocities against Israel as “baseless conspiratorial nonsense”. Jay – we are so embarrassed that America would dare to criticize your country for something so trivial as the slaughter of a few useless US Navy sailors.

    (7) Making sure that American made food products meet their rigid standards - Jews here bravely pioneered the ‘kosherizing’ of hundreds of products we use everyday and by their rabbinic blessing - we ignorant Christian goy are protected. Of course we goy must PAY EXTRA for these Jew ‘blessings’ but we are fortunate to have Jews look out after our health and well being.

    (8) By enforcing the censorship of prayer in our public schools Jews in America have saved us from our own mistakes of mixing religion and state. Countless murders, violence, pregnancies and crimes have resulted from this action - but we must focus on the big picture. We are grateful to have been shown the error of our silly ways and the offending of minority groups.

    (8) Perhaps one of their greatest contributions to keeping America on the ‘correct’ path is the Jew success of removing all vestiges of our offensive and superstitious celebration of the birth of our Lord. Only under their strict censorship of anything with the word “Jesus” or “Christmas” - have we come to see the error of our ways and our thoughtless insensitivity to Jewish feelings. How thoughtless of us ‘goy’ to show such universal reverence for a Man that the Jews find so offensive.

    (9) We should celebrate many of their historic efforts in projects such as the promotion of interracial marriage, homosexual marriages, perverts as scoutmasters and role model for our misguided youth. We owe a debt of gratitude to these Jews for ‘opening our eyes’ to our narrow-mindedness and disregard for ‘diversity’.

    (10) Without ANY doubt – Jews have historically been the firebrands on the pro-choice movements in America. We are thankful to these Jews for their instrumental part in the eradication of tens of millions of ‘fetuses’ – which – left to live would have become ‘babies’ and therefore create huge social problems when these unwanted nuisances become adults and need jobs, homes, food, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Some say that that “terminating pregnancies” - endlessly - by tens of millions - creates a society that becomes insensitive to life. That is obviously childish sentimental rubbish.

    Lest anyone think that the IsraHELL Jew is not keeping ‘their end’ of this commitment up to par - consider this verifiable fact. Not to be outdone, the IsraHELL self-chosen there, murder 18-20% of ALL of their unborn on a annual basis - year in and year out. Commendable conduct!

    (10) Jews have also been ‘pioneers’ in the eradication of Biblical fables like creationism and have successfully replaced this nonsense with scientifically founded principles like evolutionism. Their tireless pioneering efforts in protecting our youth from ignorance in this matter have spread to popular ‘educational channels’ like History Channel – Discovery Channel – Science Channel – and National Geographic Channel. We guileless Christians have long needed this ‘enlightenment’.

    (11) Jew pioneers such as Michael Eisner have changed the moral landscape of Disney World to incorporate a more “diverse” atmosphere of real life violence – homosexuals – and the expunging of all Biblical nonsense ( fantasies, which of course could do irreparable damage to the psyche of our young.)

    (12) Jew Historians have made us aware of the immense suffering of fellow Jews in the ‘Holocaust’. It has made we ‘goy’ realize that the ‘chosen’ are the only ethnic group in history to suffer persecution – and of course should we discover that TWENTY MILLION CHRISTIANS were persecuted and murdered by Jews – we must keep in mind that ONLY the suffering of the Jew is of historical importance.

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