Nat Gas traders, what makes this stuff happen

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by spd, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. spd


    This was today about 10:30ish eastern time


    I mean, what the hell.

    Thankfully my short target was hit before that massive spike up, but jeez.
  2. Mitch83


    Ha ha, are you serious? Check your economic calendar and look if you can find something at 10:30 today. :eek:
  3. schizo


    IEA numbers come out today for both nat and crude.

    nat at 10:30 and crude at 11
  4. spd


    lol stupid me. Why on Friday, Presidents day issue?
  5. Mitch83


    delayed due to NY snow storm
  6. spd


    Thanks fellas, Im normally not so clueless I swear. At least I didnt lose any money (this time). Lesson learned.
  7. Seriously -

    This might be the dumbest question in the room, but what the F are you doing trading this security if you don't know why things work the way they do?
  8. Somebody has to be "The Fool" at the bottom. :D
  9. spd


    I do understand how and why these markets make moves. I didnt realize the inventory reports got pushed back due to inclement weather. I spent all day Weds and Thurs walking around in the rain helping my dad bid a 44 building apartment complex rehab job. I thought I missed the inventory reports and todays action was just slow Friday/holiday weekend trading with an unusual spike.

    Jesus fucking christ, I made a mistake. I said I learned my lesson, cant ever be too complacent to not check the economic calendar, Im just glad I didnt lose any money this time. Now I know bad weather can make things I thought happened on Thursday happen on Friday.

    At least Mitch and Schizo were polite enough to keep their laughter under control and let me know what happened without all the fucking attitude.
  10. spd, I do not trade NG (yet). However, i do follow it and have been doing a lot of reading about it - the NG industry in general and "how things work". It appears that NG is more prone to this kind of jumps even more than CL. Big traders in NR seem to focus exclusively on calendar spreads just so that they are less exposed to these kind of wild swings. I mean if you are a position trader who can not afford to get out of a position before every news release - what are you supposed to do with couple hundred contracts long or short?
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