nat gas to 8.00 in 2 weeks

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  1. i call it. we're going to have several periods of low contributions or even net withdrawls to nat gas reserves, and one gulf/carrib hurricane in development will send gas up.

    I think we'd be up to 7.40 today (at 7.20 right now) on sep, but oil tanked a buck in the morning session. if oil recovers, nat gas will blossom.
  2. hah. right after i made that post, by the way, gas dropped about .15 on no connection with oil. :)

    any idea what triggered that selloff? volume was large. i'm assuming a weather report.
  3. typical Friday selloff...nothing more....
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    Happens every year around late August through Jan.
  5. i called it within 2 weeks. it happened in two days. now here's the question. $1.00 up in one day --- is this thing overshooting a bit?

    this is an -amazing- rally...

    looks like the long term shorts are getting out...

    ironically, it looks to be a good (short term) short opportunity.
  6. Hurricane Chris should put the thrill back into crude and gas markets.........

    it got gold going too........
  7. snupie


    Hello Guys,

    New here with a question.
    What is the risk in natgas trading if the price always goes up in winter and with ever growing demand and ever shrinking domestic production the price just cannot go below what is now say 6,6 $ per MMBTU ?
    Can you ever lose with those contracts.

    I will be glad to see any response.
    Thank you very much

  8. Does anyone know if there i a nat gas ETF (have not been able to find it if there is one) ?

  9. I dont think there is. The closest thing i know that came not to long ago was a crude oil etf. That seemed to take forever, so i wouldnt hold my breath on a nat gas etf anytime soon.
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