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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Elitist Trader, Feb 3, 2011.

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    I really dont know much about spreads at all, is there much opportunity right now give the choppy rangebound price action in nat gas?
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    With the Nat Gas calendars they have been a decent swing trade but a lousy day trade; as you know, they've had a rather modest trading range past couple years. There is so much supply on the market these days that weekly storage and draw figures are really anti-climatic and other than nominal fund and hedging roll activity much of the excitement has gone out of it.
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    That's also why the heat rate trade just plain sucks these days as well; better off just taking directional power risk.

    How is Centaurus doing with this shit show? They took things private anyway. DRW's nat gas options book must be a bit light also.
  6. Anyone know what these volume pops are attributable to? they happened for about a week all starting at the exact same time; 13:24 Chicago or 12:24 NY.

    Havent had those same volume spikes on that spread since then.

    NG j1-k1 spread
    Started 3 February.

    2 hour chart attached to this post.
    1min chart attached to next post
  7. 1min chart
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    100% on the money Bone! The big money (especially if you own infrastructure) is FRAC's right now, and our hydro power deals, are also where the spreads are at.

    From what I gather, everybodys book is light right now.

    Unfortunately I'm trying to scratch out a living managing our regional gas book, but the calendar spreads aren't there, nor are regional point spreads...

    For any trader trying to pick a bottom - In a nutshelll... I'd stay away from nat-gas for the foreseeable future. Way too volatile, way too much supply, and big guys are betting hard against upside.

    OP - Remember, guys like UNG are rolling every month at a negative, especially now that we`re coming out of the withdrawal season with prices depressed.

    I'm wouldn't buck the trend... and the trend is ugly as ugly can get (having survived a few winters at this game)

  9. Someone is going to get their head handed to them with eyes a blinking.
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    Everyone tries to pick a bottom and with the ETF`s available - 2X, 3X etc funds, avg joes are getting slaughtered!

    Leveraged Commodity ETF`s are so dangerous... I know way too many people who hold these things for months and get killed on re-balancing and roll over.

    If you want to trade short term fine - but no more than 1 week max (on the leveraged etf`s) or chances are you`ll get beat up.
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