Nat Gas 12/24 report

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    Any one have what the expectations are for this report tomorrow or know where to get it?
  2. From :

    Early Read On Natural Gas Storage: The Street is at 172 Bcf.

    Last Week: 207 Bcf withdrawal
    Last Year: 144 Bcf withdrawal
    5 Year Average: 126 Bcf withdrawal
    10 year Hi: 46 Bcf withdrawal
    10 year Low: 167 Bcf withdrawal
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    Thanks for the post, I will check out that link as well
  4. There can be "excessive" volatility after the release of the report because of a smaller than usual trader population in the market. Tread/trade carefully. :eek:
  5. +/- 175 draw is what we are seeing, good draw out of east, not as stout of a draw in prod region.

    like nazz said, thin trader population today will likely cause excessive vol after #.
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    Sure didn't look ready to roll over after recovering the last couple days, I suppose it depends on the number but a run to 6.10-6.20 looks plausible...Any else have a skew going in?
  7. I certainly think we are in a buy-dip mode as long as weather holds up, which it is so far. I have a large target at $6.72. Serious cold shot post new years, if we come back on Monday and it is still there, I cannot see how we don't continue to rally. Biggest risk for length here is a weather shift over the weekend in the forecasts.
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    We've seen it today. Does it make sense? yes.

    Things can make a U-turn very quickly.
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