Nassim Taleb's `Black Swan' Investors Post 50% Gains as Markets Take Dive

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    he was kicking and screaming that 'no one listened to me' on TV and now we know why he didnt run for public office or tried to became a regulator. it was because he was making a mint for his fund...
    the 'more regulation' krugman type morons dont realize that unless they create the incentive for guys like Taleb to work for the government their attempts are doomed
  2. Good for him.
  3. He makes up to 110% from 5% to 10% of the time but breaks even during the remaining 90% of the time.

    Isn't that roughly a 10% return?
  4. Breaking even? More like blowing up his last fund..

    He likes to style it as an "experiment" rather than a blowup nowadays. Wonder if his former investors care about the distinction tho.
  5. he is overrated
  6. Quote of the day...."We would like society to lock up quantitative risk managers before they cause more damage,'' Taleb said.
  7. Didn't like his book (i have a few arguments with it) but love his views on religion.

    He's a very smart man, but he's also stressing himself out way too much. What he doesn't understand is that he's arguing with the same people his book is about.
  8. The Black Swan is my favorite book
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    For 6+ years after 911 there were no black swans, as I was reading his book, it downed on me, that he hit his own black swan - which was absence of any black swans, and this is why he closed his fund. His strategy involves tons of small losses, and very rare but huge big wins, it would work great since Bears fund implosion last summer, but his fund was already closed.

    I really liked both of his books, but did not understand practically of Mandelbrot theories towards financial markets.
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