Nassim Taleb

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  1. i'm sorry he didn't give you the perfect entry date..
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  2. Lol!:)
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  3. Ah, I think you're looking at yield there :p
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    Of course he would say that, so that he will make money on his position, the tout. :D

    For a much more erudite discussion of ideas similar to Taleb's - e.g. that mainstream risk models are just plain wrong - Benoit Mandelbrot's (of fractals fame) book "The (Mis)Behavior of Markets" is going to be FAAAR more fascinating and unlike Taleb's books has actual technical content.

    In the book, Mandelbrot has a disclaimer that his theories are not yet practically applicable, but who knows if quant whizzes like James Simon aren't already applying some variation of his ideas?
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  5. I love Benoit's book .. his math most simply describes the most complex....
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    + 1, it's also an easy to read book, one doesn't need much or any prior mathematical knowlegde to follow it. As of Taleb's ideas beeing similar to Mandelbrot, he states in Antifragile that he discovered Mandelbrot only after writing Fooled by Randomness (true ?) and that they later worked together on some projects.
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