Nassim Taleb?

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  1. What do you guys think about Nassim Taleb's Black Swan?
    Kinda difficult to convince himself that the world is full of unpredictable events and knowledge is fragile, while being a derivative trader, running a fund and vehemently claiming that country A has better sound economy than country B, without realizing that he can be wrong, which was a core essential philosophy of Taleb.

    Insights? inputs?
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  3. He was good until he sold his soul for publicity, IMHO. He has very little worthwhile to say now.
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    Listening to Taleb's media bits is a waste of time. Very little value, lots of hyperbole.
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    I first heard this guy on Charlie Rose a few days ago. I was rather impressed. His criticism of Bernanke is probably why I liked him. His arguments against the debt are compelling and worth listening to.

    Anyway you can check out the interview here. He's kind of hard to follow but worth it, imo.
  6. Ask him what kind of positions he puts on.
    Is he short premium a la Vic Niederhoffer ?
    If that's the case, then he's saying one thing and doing another.
    If he was so confident about his theory, he'd constantly be buying out-of-the-money puts.
    I'll bet he doesn't do this.
    Why ? It's a losing strategy.
    Vic had a winning strategy, but he got greedy and complacent and didn't offset his short positions to cap his max loss.
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    This is one of the dumbest logic I've ever encountered.
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    I guess IMHO is the best part of your sentence.
  9. He's ok.

    Fuck the (central) bankers.

    Buy gold.

    What's not to like.
  10. I am glad you liked it... I put it there especially for you.
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