Nassim Taleb: "Who got burried?"

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    What a hypocrite this Taleb is! When Universa Investments supposedly made $1 billion he did the tour of financial tv networks and talked like a prophet. Later when it was revealed that the whole thing is an exaggeration/ hoax he backed away. Apparently there was not even enough open interest to make such an amount possible and to boot, Universa did not have enough assets under management for such a bet. Since he is such a math and trading genius why did he not figure out the open interest issue himself or why is he not managing his own mega hedge fund or teaching at Harvard ( Columbia is no Harvard)? Just another "boy who cried wolf".
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    when he traded on the floor he was the big fish. (fish in the gambling sense :cool:)
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    no doubt....
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    Nassim "Black Ego" Taleb. I love his books though. But every book is full of these "this idiot, that pseudo intellectual" it gets a bit tiresome. Maybe it's better to write a book "All economists are losers, I'm The King of Kings" and get done with it once and for all? I mean I love, love Taleb but it's becoming frustrating reading his endless dissatisfaction with people in general. Too much negativity. Yeah and I thought "Antifragile" is over the top. Maybe because I'm pseudo- something, who knows.
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    He's a good fit for the folks at zero hedge these days.
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    It turns out that he is the pseudo intellectual he has been writing about! What good is a PhD. in math if you do not have the common sense to do some basic calculations eg Universa Investment debacle...
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    I was excited to start reading that book but one chapter in I just couldn't read it anymore. His style of writing is off-putting.
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    wait until you meet him a person.
  10. If you think Taleb is a sucker, how about the English Bookmaker that PAID OFF on Hillary 10 days before the election. About 1 million Bucksm I think.
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